Our Speed Wax is a quick detailer “On Steroids”! Speed Wax is a revolutionary new spray wax that makes waxing your ride as easy as spray and wipe. You are done in minutes, not hours. The combination of Carnauba wax, polymers, and surfactants blend perectly to provide a showroom shine in minutes. A UV blocker additive also aids in protecting againsts the sun’s damaging effects. This unique formula works on all exterior surfaces including windshields. It is great for black cars and can be used in the sunlight with no streaky mess. This product can be used a often as you like without a buildup!


Chrome-It Super Polish was started many years ago while the owner was living in Spring Hill, Florida.  He was cleaning his 87 Honda Super Magna when a neighbor he had never met came from behind his property and introduced himself.  The two men were both automotive enthusiasts and were both severely frustrated by the lack of quality all metal polish, so they decided to engineer their own!

The duo spent 3 years travelling and selling at Car and Bike shows and hearing phenomenal feedback about the product. Eventually one owner bought out the other and a retailer and distributor network was set up in order to introduce the product to customers nationwide with a "Seeing Is Believing” motto. We currently have over 100 Retailers and Distributors nationwide.  

We eventually added a versatile product line for professional detailers and a professional line for the enthusiast. We call this line our Top Shelf detailing products. We will always strive to offer only the best products available and promise you top notch customer service. Our Guarantee says it all, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !  If you don’t agree, I will buy it back! 


If you ever have any problems with our products or questions about any of our products please give us a call or use the form below to send us a message. If you have a product that you would like for us to consider to carry under the Chrome-It brand name then please contact us.



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